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Kicking off the Crenn World Chef Series, we are joined by Chef Martha Ortiz. 

In Martha Ortiz Chapa’s work, sensibility and talent are at stake. Martha owns a
sensitive approach to life from which new universes are created. Researcher
and connoisseur of the social reality (which she studied professionally), she
exercises a profound love for our country and its culture. In her everyday
calling, she has managed to combine both streams: creation, imagination,
discovery of beautiful novelties on one side, with flavours and traditions
inscribed in Mexican roots. She has thus managed to write several cookbooks
and have an important participation at international festivals and congresses.

The trajectory of Martha Ortiz Chapa shines with her own light in the
essential field of the past and ever-present history of the country, in its
gastronomy. But this is not a work or a cuisine carried out in a conventional
manner. She dwells in the realm of Mexican cuisine that explores all the
imaginable pleasures it entails, not just the unfathomable terrain of sensorial
experiences but also its development and meaning. The cook loves to tell
stories with her recipes and adores visiting markets, as well as admiring the
world’s most important high couture collections. She dwells in museums and
enjoys reading, very late at night, to bear in mind the pictorial in the kitchen and
the flavours in the words, which reflects in the titles of her dishes-stories, the
great mise-en-scène. This way, she is at the same time an expert on the
gastronomic field and an informed and imaginative interpreter of our traditions
and our flavours. Proof of such account of riches is the Dulce Patria precinct
–illuminated with flavour, seasoning and aroma – that Martha Ortiz Chapa is
successfully conducting in Mexico City, included in the Acqua Panna and St.
Pellegrino list "Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants 2015" and "Latin America's
50 Best Restaurants 2016" receiving the 2016 Food and Travel Reader’s
Award for the Best Restaurant in Mexico City and Metropolitan Area, besides
being the first Mexican restaurant to appear in La Liste 2016 and being the
number one restaurant in Mexico for 2017 and one of the forty Best Chefs in the World in the same year.

In addition to the several awards and recognitions she has been honoured
including Forbes Mexico nomination, last February, as one of the 30 Mexican
Business Promises.

Chef Ortiz participated as judge in the first and second seasons of Top Chef
Mexico. She also designed the historical gastronomic strokes for the
International Baroque Museum in the city of Puebla, Mexico and started
publishing in The Huffington Post. Her efforts are concentrated now in her new
Mexican restaurant, Ella Canta, which opened in September 2017.

Tickets available Thursday, October 18th 2018

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