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It is time to redefine luxury.

The elegance and indulgence of fine dining are aligning with thoughtfulness and sustainability.  

Chef Dominique Crenn and the American Express® Global Dining Collection* invite you to the Wake Up World Chef Series Presented by American Express, a succession of collaborative dinners with some of the most talented chefs of our time. On these special nights, diners will experience the creative genius of these culinary experts and the refinery of their technique.  At the forefront of each dinner is the united goal of moving towards sustainable approaches and utilizing products that are friendly to our planet.  

Leave mesmerized, delighted - and inspired.

American Express Platinum Card and Centurion® Members have the opportunity to purchase tickets during an exclusive presale** 48 hours prior to the general release by contacting American Express® Concierge* via the number on the back of their Card. Presales begin at 1:00pm EST (10:00am PST).  Terms apply*

Event Dates:

February 4-5: Diego Guerrero and Josean Alija

American Express Presale** begins 12/18/19

March 17-18: Romain Meder

American Express Presale**  begins 1/8/20

April 28-29: Norbert Niederkofler

American Express Presale**  begins 1/29/20

June 23-24: Julien Royer

American Express Presale** begins 3/25/20

July 28-29: Jorge Vallejo

American Express Presale**  begins 4/29/20

August 18-19: David Toutain

American Express Presale**  begins 5/27/20

Dominique Crenn is a partner of the American Express® Global Dining Collection which is a benefit for Platinum Card and Centurion® Members offering special access to reservations and experiences with some of the world’s most celebrated chefs. Platinum Card and Centurion® Members receive early ticket access to the Wake Up World Chef Series Presented by American Express. To learn more, contact the number on the back of your card.



*Global Dining Collection & Concierge: Reservations are based on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event of a reservation cancellation, the Card Member will be subject to the restaurant’s cancellation policy, which will be communicated to the Card Member by Concierge at the time of booking. Concierge is not responsible for informing the restaurant of your dietary restrictions or for the restaurant being able to accommodate the restrictions; we do ask that you provide this information directly to the restaurant. Event experiences are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Availability is limited.

There is no cost to you for services a concierge performs on your behalf, although you are responsible for any purchases, fees and/or shipping charges you authorize to be charged to your Card account. We reserve the right to note profile and preference data for servicing and marketing purposes. We are not responsible for notifying a restaurant of any food allergies when suggesting or making reservations at restaurants.

 **American Express ® Presale: During the specified sales period, tickets are available exclusively to Platinum Card and Centurion® Members. Tickets must be purchased through the Concierge service with an American Express Card. Standard service charges apply. Offer is subject to availability. All sales final. No refunds. No exchanges. Offer may be changed or revoked at any time at the sole discretion of American Express. Some events may not be accessible to Card Members with disabilities.

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